O ne of the many different features of the POSICON 2019 was to have child artist design the logo. Our budding artist is a talented 13-year-old girl child, Ms. Ishva Mehta who conceptualised the Logo. It combines the depiction of a Peacock our mascot, the Bandra-Worli Sea-link, an iconic structure of Mumbai in recent years and the Official Logo of POSI all into a simple and neat but elegant design.

PIHU - The POSICON 2019 Mascot

Peacocks have been revered around the globe for centuries. They signify vision, royalty, spirituality, awakening, guidance, protection and watchfulness.

The Mythology

In Greco- Roman mythology, the peacock tail has the eyes of the stars, similarly Lord Indra's thousand eyes in Hindu mythology. In Hinduism, the peacock is also associated with the goddess Saraswati; the goddess of knowledge, patience, kindness and luck. It is also the mount of Lord Karthikeyan, the slayer of evil; widely worshipped in Sri Lanka, South India, Malaysia, Bali and Indonesia and symbolises the destruction of ego. Lord Krishna is associated with the peacock as a mark of chastity and universal love. In Christianity, the peacock symbolises the “all seeing” church along with the holiness and sanctity associated with it, additionally the peacock represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings. It is believed that a peacock (sometimes a pair) stands guard at the gate of paradise. In Japan, the peacock is an emblem of love, compassion and watchfulness, good will, nurturing and kind heartedness. Native American cultures view peacock as a symbol of dignity, wholeness and beauty. In Buddhist iconography, peacocks are a symbol of wisdom. They are compared to the great Bodhisattvas for their ability to consume poisonous plants without being affected - just as a wise man is capable of taking in the toxins of human emotion while still attaining enlightenment. In Jainism, it is revered as a mark of ahimsa and salvation.

The Symbolism

The peacock brings harmony and joy; protects the positive energy and is a symbol of royalty in Islamic cultures as well. Peacock feathers have all the colours of the universe signifying the dramatic exuberance of nature. The bird is truly a symbol of pride, a symbol of celebration of life. Peacock feathers are often used by royalty to write scriptures in order to pass on the aura. Even in Feng Shui, it is a symbol of power, a manifestation of the celestial phoenix on earth. According to Vaastu experts, peacock feathers bring fame, love, cure, purity, glory and blessings in a person's life.

The peacock hence emerges as a GLOBAL Icon and hence, the Organizing Committee of the Silver Jubilee POSICON 2019 has chosen the regal peacock as its mascot. “PIHU” as we have nick named him will transform from a neonate to a mature bird as the whole year progresses, and we invite all of you to be his companion through the journey.

It is also the national bird of India declared in 1963: it's an endangered species now… It is but our small endeavour to also salute this elegant creature and spread the message for its conservation through our conference visuals.

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