On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome each and every one of you to witness Silver Jubilee POSICON 2019. Join us as we celebrate this inspirational journey from the 3rd to 6th of January 2019 at the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai, India.

Since a quarter of a century is a significant milestone, we decided to focus on the journey both so far and onwards. The theme of the conference is “Looking back… as to how a lot of things have evolved in the realm of paediatric orthopaedics and at the same time Marching forwards” with the idea of envisaging the shape of things to come in future years. This will be symbolically represented by the Greco-Roman deity “Janus “the lord of beginnings and time. We have designed unique scientific plenary sessions weaving this theme in.

We have put together a unique blend of 25 ICLs and 5 International collaborative sessions; relating to almost every aspect of practical paediatric orthopaedics. Each delegate will be able to avail of 10 ICLs of his or her choice. These will cover topics of varied interest to the General Orthopod who wishes to dabble into paediatrics every now and then, esoteric topics of further interest to the young aspiring and mature practising pedipods alike and PG's and allied professionals. We have endeavoured to bring together more than 25 international faculties as they are each absolute masters in their field and global iconic speakers. It's a dream team and a unique format being put together for the first time at POSICON. The concept is everyone gets a slice of everything on their plate: right from basics, to subjects of their passion, to newer advances. The conference will be housed at the serene, classy and picturesque Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel on the banks of Powai Lake, where it will be a pleasure to house all of you. The social and entertainment programs also will be vibrant and enticing. So keep the anticipation building folks and flock in large numbers at the registrations desk.

We would encourage you all to take the residential packages in order to be able to enjoy the peak conference experience. It will enable you to escape the hustle bustle of the maximum city and utilise this time for bonhomie and building pleasant memories for these 4 days. We have left no stone unturned for the Silver Jubilee conference of the Paediatric Orthopedic Society of India to ensure that you all “Come curious – leave inspired ”

Signing off and looking forward to greet you on 3 of January 2019.

Dr. Rujuta Mehta

Organizing Secretary
Lady between 4 majors

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