This year, all e-poster presentations will be pre-loaded onto the conference cloud-based drive, so please read the instructions carefully.

Technical Details

  1. All e-posters will only be presented ELECTRONICALLY and therefore must be formatted in MS PowerPoint 2010 or later (.pptx) or Keynote version 6.2 or later (.key).
  2. Your e-poster may have a maximum of 10 PowerPoint slides.
  3. Any extra slides beyond this permissible limit will be automatically deleted.
  4. No video, embedded video, or sound may be included in your e-poster.
  5. You cannot include any multiple slide builds or animation effects.
  6. The first slide will have title and name of authors. The last slide should include references.
  7. Prepare all presentations in 16:9 format since we will be using wide-screen LEDs for presentation. If you are beginning a new presentation, using the 16:9 format is easy. However, if you have an existing presentation that is in the traditional 4:3 format, you must be prepared to convert your presentation to the 16:9 format.
  8. We suggest you set the page for “On-screen Show” (16:9).
  9. We suggest a minimum font size of 28 point.
  10. We recommend a sans serif font such as Helvetica or Arial.

E-Poster Submission

POSICON 2019 requires all e-poster presentations to be uploaded on our conference cloud-based drive prior to the conference.

How to upload your e-poster presentation

  • Click on and enter your Username & Password.
  • Once logged in, click on Submitted Abstracts.
  • Here you will see a list of all the submitted e-poster/s. Under Upload Column, Click on Upload Presentation.
  • After Selecting the powerpoint file, use the "Upload Files" button. This will then show a progress bar. Please do not close your browser or shut-down your computer or disconnect from the Internet until the files have fully uploaded!
  • After uploading, a “View” button will appear next to the presentation uploaded. This will allow you to download and view the presentation for review and verification.

Presentations can be uploaded starting Thursday, 15th November, 2018 and the portal will remain open 24 / 7 till Tuesday, 25th December, 2018.

You will be able to edit and upload an updated presentation up until the deadline, but the system will be automatically locked after 25th December, 2018. Please note that there will be no provision to upload your e-poster presentation after the deadline or at the conference venue.

All uploaded e-poster presentations will be sent to a panel of judges who will score the posters before the conference. The Top 10 posters will be given a chance to present in front of the Judges at a special session during the conference and will be eligible to contest for the POSI Best Poster Award! Presenters of the TOP 10 posters will be intimated at the conference and will be required to make a short 2 minute presentation in front of the judges.

E-Presentation Display

E-Poster stands, which consist of a mouse and a 42” plasma screen, will be placed in a designated poster area. The e-posters will be loaded into each computer with a directory / menu of all posters available.


If you have technical questions related to pre-loading of your presentation, please email AV team of POSICON 2019 at

If you have a general question, please contact the POSICON 2019 Secretariat at

We look forward to welcoming you warmly at POSICON 2019!

Warm regards,

Dr. Alaric Aroojis
Chair, Scientific Committee

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