Complex Paediatric Trauma


It is an often-carried assumption that in young children the capacities of fracture healing and subsequent remodelling are such that complications are uncommon. And yet, the subject of non-union and malunion is well established for children’s fractures. We associate these complications to specific fractures and with older children but there are common threads which link non-unions in children to those that occur in older adolescents and even adults. In addition to exposing these common elements, specific fracture problems will be covered, from the common (lateral condyle and supracondylar) to the less common (femoral neck).

This ICL will provide the Orthopaedic surgeon who deals with children’s fractures important pointers for avoiding these complications and, when faced with them, how best to solve them.


  • To develop an awareness of elements that lead to nonunions in children’s fractures
  • To learn of treatment strategies for some uncommon and common nonunions
  • To revisit the indications for treating malunions in some children’s fractures

Target Audience

Any Orthopaedic surgeon dealing with simple and complex children’s fractures and their complications

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