Research In Orthopaedic Surgery



A balance of didactic lecture and interactive discussion designed to inform both generalist and specialist orthopaedists on the critical elements involved in performing quality research in surgical settings. There are many key differences and unique challenges to performing high-quality research in surgery compared to other clinical settings. This ICL will present a comprehensive overview of the research process, beginning with how to design studies with appropriate methodology and writing a strong research grant to obtain funding, through to how to publish your findings. The ICL will also discuss the importance of prospective study groups in generating practice-changing evidence, as well as some of the challenges of establishing such groups. Two of POSI’s own faculty members will then provide their thoughts on surgical research from POSI’s perspective.

Active discussion amongst panel members and attendees will be encouraged throughout the ICL, in addition to allotted discussion time at the end of the session. This ICL will provide an opportunity for orthopaedists to gain insight into the entirety of the research process and understand the important elements critical to designing, implementing and carrying out a research study with the potential to change practice.

Learning Objectives

  • The registrant will learn about the scope of different study designs in surgical research and come to understand their appropriate implementation in the practical setting.
  • The registrant will learn the key components to put together a strong research proposal for grant funding, including different funding sources, and grant application strategies.
  • The registrant will come to understand the importance of collaborative, prospective study groups to perform generate high-quality data.
  • The registrant will gain insight into the publication process, and the critical elements involved in disseminating your research to colleagues, the medical community and the public.

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