Neglected, Complex and Syndromic Clubfoot


Aims and Objectives

There has recently been an increased awareness of clubfoot in the world and a proliferation of easy to access online literature regarding its early recognition and treatment. Nevertheless, neglected clubfoot continues to be seen by orthopaedic surgeons practicing at district and taluka levels in developing countries. Additionally, all clubfeet are not the same in regard to underlying etiology and associations, and they do not all respond in the same way to treatment. Since clubfoot is the main area of expertise, as well as earnings, for many paediatric orthopaedic surgeons in developing countries, ongoing education regarding the fine points of managing the more difficult clubfeet is important. This ICL provides an opportunity to sharpen your skills for assessing and treating neglected, complex and syndromic clubfoot deformities. In this ICL we have very senior faculty, including Dr. Alain Dimeglio from France, whose classification and treatment techniques for clubfoot have been accepted worldwide; and Dr. Vincent Mosca from the USA, whose pioneering work in understanding, assessing, and managing complex foot deformities has been documented in his widely circulated and frequently quoted textbook. Combining the experience of these stalwarts with added flavor from our own Indian faculty gives you the best chance of learning how to manage these complex problems in our Indian scenario. So come and join us.

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