Common Office Problems in Children


Educational Objectives:

An overview of the types of ‘problems’ that can present to you due to parental concern over their child’s gait / function / leg shape etc. The trick is to decide what is a problem to you as an orthopaedic surgeon and recognize what needs treating and what needs simple reassurance. The aim is to prevent over-investigation and over-treatment of these common problems.

  1. Discuss the more frequent problems in an office.
  2. Discuss a miscellany of very frequent diseases that a pediatric orthopedic and a pediatrician have to front daily during their clinical practice
  3. Discuss advantages and contraindications in the treatment. Distinguish between pathologic and physiologic aspects of some frequent clinical aspects.

Target Audience:

This ICL will be of interest to any orthopaedic surgeon and / or pediatrician involved in the daily practice to front several aspects in a child from an orthopedic point of view.

Upon completion of this instructional course:

  1. Distinguish between physiologic and pathologic aspect of many borderline problems facing in a clinic.
  2. Tips and tricks in order to obtain a correct diagnosis of the most common pediatric lower limbs aspects
  3. Learn how to stay out of trouble while visiting a kid and how to properly make the picture of the situation

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