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Common office problems in children (pulled elbow / bowlegs / transient synovitis / bowlegs / flatfeet) Foot osteotomies
Angular deformities around the knee Approach to a child with skeletal dysplasia
Basic CP (Assessment / decision-making / BOTOX / SEMLS) Metabolic bone disease
Paediatric Sports injuries (ACL / PF instability / OCD) Advanced CP management (crouch / lever arm dysfunction)
Lytic lesions of bones / bone tumours in children Congenital upper limb anomalies - evaluation & rational treatment plan
Locking plates in children Genetics & basic research
Biocomposites & bone substitutes Neglected & syndromic clubfoot - conservative v/s surgery / v/s exfix
3D modeling & printing - 3D workshop Advanced pelvic osteotomies (bone models / hands-on) - Triple / PAO / Chiari
Paed trauma topic (UL) - elbow trauma with workshop on pinning techniques 2D & 3D Gait analysis for the practicing Orthopaedist
Paed trauma topic (LL) - femur fracture with workshop on TENS Multiplanar deformity correction using external fixator
Approach to a limping child Early onset scoliosis
Top 5 Paed Orth emergencies (Open fracture & mangled extremity / Compartment syn / Supracondylar with white pulseless hand / osteomyelitis & septic arthritis / acute SCFE) Perthes : management of the non-containable hip
Basic pelvic osteotomies (bone models / hands-on) - Salter / Pemberton / Dega / Shelf Paediatric non-unions & mal-unions
Research session : how to write a research grant / join a registry / research methodology / how to write & publish a paper OBPP - what's new?