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  • The Need for Standardizing Treatment of Clubfoot

    Currently there is no universally accepted method of classification of the severity of the deformity in clubfoot. The approach to treatment and the evaluation of results are also extremely varied all over the world. There is no doubt that several of our members have tremendous experience in treating clubfoot and sharing of these experiences would be invaluable in establishing a rational protocol of management of clubfoot. It would then be possible for us to embark on a series of multicentre trials to answer questions that would arise regarding the problem areas in the treatment of what is probably the commonest congenital anomaly seen in paediatric orthopaedic practice.

    It is with this aim in mind that a questionnaire on the management of clubfoot has been included in this issue of POSITIVE.

    The numbers of clubfeet we treat in this country are phenominal; the surgical skills of the average Indian surgeon is superb; the treatment of clubfoot does not require sophisticated paraphernalia which is out of reach of any surgeon in the country and so there would be no justification for not establishing guidelines for treating clubfoot more effectively.

    It is our hope that every member of POSI would spare some time to fill in the questionnaire and return it promptly. The responses would be analysed and it is hoped that we would be able to present the data to the members at the next POSI meeting in January 1999.