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  • Training of the Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

    At the first conference of the POSI at Manipal in 1995 there was a Symposium devoted to this issue because it was felt that a vital aspect of improving the quality of paediatric orthopaedic care in the country would be the training of surgeons in this field.

    Recently, the National Board of Examinations decided to offer training fellowships in several subspeciality areas in medicine, and paediatric orthopaedics is one subspeciality being considered. The World Orthopaedic Concern has expressed its intent to award short term fellowships in India in several subspecialities including paediatric orthopaedics. It is clear that the need for training young orthopaedic surgeons in this field is a felt need.

    In planning such training several questions need to be answered. How long should the training period be? How senior should the candidates be? What should be the pattern of training? Should there be an evaluation process at the end of the period of training?

    As we represent the speciality, we need to come up with answers to these questions. The members of POSI should think deeply about our responsibility in ensuring that the highest quality of training in the field of paediatric orthopaedics is imparted in India. If we come up with meaningful recommendations for the conduct of training programmes in paediatric orthopaedics, we could positively influence the agencies responsible for supervising these programmes.

    It may be worthwhile devoting some time to discuss these issues at the next meeting of POSI.