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POSI-Prof Kaye Wilkins travelling fellowship report - 2015

I finished my Prof K Wilkins- Posi travelling fellowship at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon under the guidance of Dr Sanjay Sarup. It was a wonderful experience for me and I gained a lot of knowledge through this visit. Dr Sarup is a very good teacher and a true gentleman. He helped me in every possible way, so that I can make most out of this visit. All the doctors and staff were very helpful and cooperative and ensured that my stay is productive.

I started my fellowship from 12th October and on the day 1st itself I was in the OT assisting Dr Sarup in a radial club hand case. On an average theatre day, there were about 3 to 4 paediatrics cases. This allowed me to get exposure to a variety of cases. I learned a lot of innovative techniques and tricks of the trade from him. Among the many innovative techniques is the one he uses to treat DDH. He calls this procedure as triple procedure. In this he performs hip arthroscopy, Dega osteotomy and femoral osteotomy. The use of hip arthroscopy allows him to removes the obstacles to reduction and hip reduction was achieved by closed means without opening the capsule. He emphasized a great importance to bracing and follow up and advised me to do the same.

In the evening I used to accompany him to his private clinic. He was very popular among his patients. He taught me the importance of meticulous examination in clinic. In the clinic I saw his long term follow up of DDH cases ranging from 8-11 yrs. At the end of his discussion with the patients, he always summarised the patient’s problem and issues to me and discussed the various treatment options.

Overall the fellowship was enjoyable and a great learning experience for me, which would benefit my entire orthopaedic career.

I sincerely thank POSI, Dr Sarup and his entire team for this wonderful opportunity.

Dr. Sanjay Meena