Paediatric Orthopaedics and Related Sciences: The official journal of Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India

PORS (Paediatric Orthopaedics and Related Sciences) invites original articles, case reports and invited articles related to paediatric orthopaedic surgery and related basic science work. Maximum words allowed in an original article are 200 for the abstract and 2500 for the main text excluding references. Case reports should have a maximum of 1000 words. Invited articles can have 3000 words. Image quiz can also be submitted with clear images and text adequate to explain the clinical scenario accompanied by the answer as a word document.

The abstract should be unstructured. The article should be structured with introduction, materials and methods including statistical information, results, discussion, conclusion and references. The article should have an introduction stating area of interest including aims and objectives followed by material and method stating the study methodology, inclusion and exclusion criteria and the statistical methods used. The results should detail the findings of the study and that of statistical analysis. Discussion should be succinct and relevant to the article with adequate literature support and analysis of the results of the study presented with valid conclusions. The article should be original and not published elsewhere. Consent of the subjects of the article and institutional review board clearance is required. Any conflicts of interest should be mentioned at submission. The article should not be under consideration in other journals. A letter of transmittal stating the same is needed at submission. Those who have contributed to the article by data collection alone, statistical analysis without intellectual input in the data of the paper and editing or grammar correction can be acknowledged at the end of the article. A maximum of six authors are allowed for original articles and case report except in large multi Instructions for submission institutional studies. Invited articles should be from experts in their corresponding field of study.

The references should be in the National Library of Medicine Index Medicus format and indicated in the order of appearance in the main body of article. Individual book chapters, web references and abstract references should tag on the standard format as in all indexed journals. The individual references should be written as a superscript in the main article. The figures and legends as appropriate should be submitted in the TIFF or JPEG format with full resolution. The editor has the right to edit the contents and delete as necessary. Maximum four tables are allowed with legends. All acceptable articles will be blinded and sent for peer review and the comments of reviewers sent back to authors for making appropriate corrections.
The decision to accept will be determined by the editor after hearing form the reviewers and statisticians. All the decisions regarding acceptance, rejection and corrections considered necessary will be communicated to the authors by email. The final decision of acceptance and rejection is vested with the editor. The accepted article becomes the copyright of the PORS journal and formal permission is needed to reproduce the material elsewhere.

Plagiarism of any form is to be avoided and reproduction of images or data from other published literature will need copyright transfer obtained from the publisher to be produced at the time of submission in PORS journal. We accept advertisement for conferences and other educational activities to convey as a note to the readers of this journal.
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