Time Topic
2.00 TO 5.00 PM CME 1: PEDIATRIC TRAUMA (Upper Limb)
2.00 TO 3.00 PM SESSION 1: Supracondylar fracture of humerus
Chairperson: Vidisha Kulkarni | Co-Chairperson: Bharati Doshi
5 min Standard reduction and pinning: Sarwar Salam
5 min Medial pin and Dorgan’s pin technique: Venkatdass K.
5 min Tricks for reduction of difficult supracondylar: James Hui
  Malunion of Supracondylar Fracture
6 min Dome Osteotomy for Cubitus Varus deformity: Kapil Gangwal
6 min Lateral Closing wedge osteotomy for Cubitus Varus deformity: Sameer Desai
5 min Q&A Session
  Lateral Condyle fracture
5 min Closed reduction arthrogram for lateral condyle: Nirmal Raj
5 min Open reduction and pinning for lateral condyle: Suhas Bala
5 min Late presenting lateral condyle treated with intra-articular osteotomy: Vidisha Kulkarni
5 min Cubitus valgus, Milch osteotomy + anterior nerve transfer: Taral Nagda
8 min Q&A Session
3.00 TO 4.00 PM SESSION 2: Radial neck fracture
Chairperson: Pradip Patil | Co-Chairperson: Ashok Jadhav
5 min Closed reduction for radial neck fracture: Maulin Shah
7 min Metaizeau technique for radial neck fracture: Sandeep Vaidya
5 min Percutaneous pinning technique for radial neck fracture: Sandeep Vaidya
5 min Open reduction: Anirban Chatterjee
5 min Q&A Session
  Forearm fracture
5 min Closed reduction technique for displaced forearm fractures: Kailash Sarathi
5 min TENS Nailing for displaced forearm fractures: R. Sankar
5 min Closed Reduction and cast for acute montaggia fracture dislocation: Gopakumar T. S.
5 min Fixation technique for acute montaggia fracture dislocation: Anil Agarwal
7 min Management of Chronic montaggia fracture dislocation: Atul Bhaskar
8 min Q&A Session
4.00 TO 5.00 PM SESSION 3: Distal radius metaphyseal & physeal fracture
Chairperson: Salim Lad | Co-Chairperson: Khot Shivprasad
5 min Closed reduction: Gowerdhan Ingale
5 min Percutaneous reduction and pinning: Mandar Agashe
5 min Management of late displacement: Binoti Sheth
5 min Q&A Session
  Stiff Elbow
5 min Open arthrolysis by two incisions: John Mukhopadhyay
5 min Arthroscopic arthrolysis: Abhijeet Wahegaokar
5 min Management by hinge fixator: Vidisha Kulkarni
6 min Q&A Session
5.30 TO 6.10 PM SESSION 1: Pelvic & Hip
Chairperson: Sachin Phirke | Co-Chairperson: Nitin Patil
5 min The paediatric polytrauma patient: Venkatdass K.
5 min Compound fractures in children: Venkatdass K.
5 min Pelvic fractures in children: Prasad Gourineni
5 min Acetabular fractures in children: Pablo Castaneda
5 min Paediatric displaced NOF fractures: Pablo Castaneda
5 min Neglected hip dislocation in children: Vikas Gupta
8 min Q&A Session
6.10 TO 7.00 PM SESSION 2: Shaft femur
Chairperson: Suresh Kriplani | Co-Chairperson: Sandeep Patil
5 min Pavlic harness for fracture shaft femur in neonate (video): Rohan Parwani
5 min Hip spica for fracture shaft femur in toddler (video): Gaurav Gupta
5 min Hip spica technique so that child can walk: Jaideep Dhamele
5 min Q&A Session
5 min TENS nailing for displaced shaft femur (video): Viranchi Vaidya
5 min Exfix with tens for length unstable shaft femur (video): Ajai Singh
5 min Submuscular plating for fracture shaft femur (video): Rajeev Nirawane
7 min Adolescent nailing for shaft femur fracture (video): James Hui
8 min Q&A Session
7.00 TO 8.15 PM SESSION 3: Distal femur and Knee
Chairperson: Kiran Doshi | Co-Chairperson: Suhas Pol
8 min Fractures of distal femur including physeal injury: Sameer Desai
5 min Patella fractures in children: T. R. Easwar
5 min Soft Tissue injuries around knee: Roshan Wade
10 min Intra articular fractures around knee: Martin Herman
7 min Q&A Session
  Tibial fracture
5 min Technique of Proximal tibia fracture management (video): Harish P.
5 min TEN’s nailing for displaced shaft tibia fracture (video): Chintan Doshi
  Ankle fractures in children
8 min Distal physeal fracture: Tushar Agarwal
8 min Triplane fracture in children: Shital Parikh
5 min Management of Talus fractures (video): Shital Parikh
12 min Q&A Session
Time Topic
Chairperson: Cherian Kovoor | Co-Chairperson: Ashish Ranade
Session Experts: G. S. Kulkarni, Ashok Johari
5 min Causes of limb length discrepancy in children: Cherian Kovoor
5 min Natural history of limb length discrepancy at maturity: Kirti Ramnani
5 min Prediction of limb length discrepancy at maturity - Conventional method: Mandar Acharya
5 min Prediction of limb length discrepancy at maturity - Multiplier app: Ashish Ranade
5 min Clinical assessment of limb length discrepancy: Wilfred Dsa
5 min Radiological assessment of limb length discrepancy: Ashish Ranade
6 min Treatment methods - Indications, options: Durai Nayagam
8 min Q&A Session
8 min Video - Limb lengthening by circular external fixator: Gamal Hosny
8 min Video - Limb lengthening by monolateral external fixator: Mangal Parihar
8 min Video - Limb lengthening by TSF fixator: Ishani Shah
8 min Video - Plate assisted lengthening: Ruta Kulkarni
8 min Video - Lengthening over nail: Milind Choudhary
12 min Q&A Session
8 min Complications and their management in LLD: Cherian Kovoor
6 min Congenital LLD - Decision making for reconstruction: P. N. Gupta
6 min Congenital LLD - Decision making salvage: Gamal Hosny
6 min Lengthening in achondroplasia special challenges: James A. Fernandes
8 min Q&A Session
6 min Case selection - Internal lengthening device: Milind Choudhary
10 min Technique - Internal lengthening device: James A. Fernandes
6 min Complications - Internal lengthening device: Mangal Parihar
15 min Case based learning - How do I deal with a complication?: James A. Fernandes / Gamal Hosny / Durai Nayagam
(5 min each)
Chairperson: Vijay Sriram | Co-Chairperson: Atul Bhaskar
8 min Bone biology and types of OI: Vijay Sriram
7 min Current concept in medical management of OI: Mahesh Kore
5 min Q&A Session
10 min Pre-operative planning and surgical techniques of dual rods in femur: Hitesh Shah
10 min Pre-operative planning and surgical techniques of expandable rods in femur: Reggie Hamdy
10 min Pre-operative planning and surgical techniques of expandable and non expandable rods in tibia: Andrew Howard
12 min Q&A Session
12 min Management of fracture neck of femur and proximal femur deformity: Reggie Hamdy
10 min Complications of expandable rods: Andrew Howard
10 min Revision rodding of femur - problems and difficulties: Reggie Hamdy
10 min Revision rodding of tibia - problems and difficulties: Andrew Howard
12 min Q&A Session
10 min Management of fractures and deformities of upper limb in OI: Reggie Hamdy
8 min Osteogenesis imperfecta - Indian perspective: Atul Bhaskar
10 min Q&A Session
30 min Case discussion
Time Topic
Chairperson: Suresh Negandhi | Co-Chairperson: Sunil Sase
Moderators: Hitesh Shah / Alaric Aroojis
6 min What do we already know about CPT?: Swapnil Keny
6 min Bone harvesting methods for CPT: Maulin Shah
8 min Intramedullary rodding & onlay grafting: Sandeep Patwardhan
8 min Bone transport using Ilizarov fixator: Ruta Kulkarni
8 min Cross-union technique: Alaric Aroojis
8 min Vascularised fibular graft: Hari Venkatramani
8 min Management of secondary problems and complications: Hitesh Shah
8 min Q and A
Chairperson: Deepak Sahasrabuddhe | Co-Chairperson: Bharat Kotkar
7 + 2 min The “wafer epiphysis” – An uncommon presentation of Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease: Hitesh Shah
7 + 2 min Determinants of Functional Outcome in Paediatric Floating Knee injury: Sagar Tontanahal
7 + 2 min Is TENS better than Ender’s nail for treating pediatric femoral shaft fractures? – results of a Randomized Controlled Trial: Dhanil Charly
7 + 2 min External rotation contracture in Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy: A novel sign and clinical implications.: Maulin Shah
7 + 2 min Pott’s Spine in Children: Retrospective Analysis of Conservative Treatment: Tausif Ahmed Aslam Shikalgar
7 + 2 min Does Controlled Repositioning and Primary Osteoplasty have a role in the management of Unstable Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis?: Deepak Jain
7 + 2 min One-bone forearm procedure for severe recalcitrant forearm deformities in hereditary multiple exostosis: A case series of 8 patients and review of literature: Mandar Vikas Agashe
7 + 2 min Minimally invasive Subscapularis Release and conjoined tendon transfer for shoulder imbalance: An intermediate term follow up: Shalin Shah
7 + 2 min Development of a functional prototype of a SMART (Sensor-integrated for Monitoring And Remote Tracking) Foot Abduction Brace for Clubfoot Treatment: can it improve brace adherence?: Alaric Aroojis
7 + 2 min The challenges of paediatric long bone non-union secondary to infections.: Abhishek S. Bhasme
11.00 - 11.15 AM TEA
11.15 - 11.45 AM POSI ORATION
Chairperson: Dhiren Ganjwala | Co-Chairperson: Sandeep Patwardhan
Translation Research - Opportunities and challenges in our context: Vrisha Madhuri
Chairperson: Anil Patil | Co-Chairperson: Malave Dileep
5 + 2 min Coronal deformities of the knee joint with Perth’s disease: Jitender
5 + 2 min Long term results of application of the patella tendon in the management of severe crouch gait in cerebral palsy: Kumar Amerendra Singh
5 + 2 min Clinico-radiological Outcome of Paediatric both bone fractures forearm managed conservatively with emphasis on risk factors for re-displacement: Ajai Singh
5 + 2 min Management challenges in Severe Scoliosis associated with Neurofibromatosis type 1: a case series: Harshit Gehlot
5 + 2 min Short-Term Outcomes of Treatment of DDH in walking age group - An Analysis of 84 Hips Treated in 1-3 Years Age Group: Deepak Jain
5 + 2 min Is Regional Anesthesia safe in acute upper limb trauma in children?: Muthukumar Soundararajan
5 + 2 min Comparison between Percutaneous Dome osteotomy and computer assisted 3D planned corrective osteotomy for Cubitus Varus deformity: Varun L. Shetty
5 + 2 min Results of Paley ulnarization of the carpus with ulnar shortening osteotomy for treatment of radial club hand in our hand: Sakti Prasad Das
5 + 2 min Congenital Scoliosis - Early Intervention: Abilash Srivatsav
5 + 2 min Valgus SCFE (Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis): M. Jonathan Reddy
5 + 2 min Revision surgery for developmental dysplasia of hip (DDH): Analysis of Cause and Early functional outcome – A short term results in a prospective study.: Chintan Ajay Doshi
5 + 2 min Donor site radiological outcomes following combined tibial and fibular harvest in children: Nitish Bikram Deo
01.15 - 02.00 PM LUNCH
In view of COVID situation, lunch will be served from 12.30 to 2.00 pm, while scientific session will run simultaneously.
Conveners: Viraj Shingade / P. N. Gupta
Panelist: Alaric Aroojis, Anil Agarwal, Sakti Das, T. R. Easwar, Vikas Gupta, John M., Milind Choudhary
Moderators: Rujuta Mehta / Abhijeet Wahegaokar
7 min Technique of Botulinum toxin for spasticity management in upper limb cerebral palsy: Rujuta Mehta
7 min Madelung’s deformity - Vickers Ligament release +- Osteotomy: Rujuta Mehta
7 min Complex syndactyly: Anirban Chatterjee
7 min Free toe to hand transfer: Hari Venkatramani
7 min Common Flaps for upper limb: Abhijeet Wahegaokar
7 min Hereditary multiple exostosis - Evaluation and management: Deborah Eastwood
8 min Management of VIC: Deborah Eastwood
8 min Q & A
Chairperson: John Mukhopadhyay | Co-Chairperson: Dhiren Ganjwala
Conveners: Dhiren Ganjwala, John Mukhopadhyay
4 min 1. Empathy - Understanding the child’s problem, together!: Ramani Narasimhan
4 min 2. Pragmatic: Sensible and realistic Expectations: Alaric Aroojis
5 min A. Trauma - Restoring a normal but broken limb: John Mukhopadhyay
5 min B. Reconstruction: Improving an abnormal limb: Mangal Parihar
5 min 3. Honesty: Closing the gap between Expectations vs Reality: Ashok Johari
4. Reality: Brutal, but sincere!
5 min A. When patient may lose a limb: Shital Parikh
5 min B. When patient may grow into a disabled and limited life: Dhiren Ganjwala
5 min C. When revealing a lethal diagnosis: Jayanth Sampath
5 min 5. Implications of Legalities and Ethics (Legalities vs Ethics): Narsima Rao
5 min 6. Panel Discussion: Benjamin Joseph
Conveners: Martin Herman, Megan Gresh, Ashish Ranade, Venkatdass K.
Panelist: Vijay Sriram, Maulin Shah, Kamlesh Devmuri, Avi Shah, Sudhir K. Mahapatra, K. L. Rao, Sujay Kulkarni, Hari Venkatramani
Time Topic
07.45 - 08.45 AM CEREBRAL PALSY (CP)
Conveners: Jayanth Sampath / Abhay Gahukamble
7 min Psoas release in CP - Is it an outdated Operation?: Abhay Khot
7 min Equinovarus deformity - Deciding the surgical dose: Abhay Khot
7 min Bilateral CP in a 5-year-old - RMP 45% - Soft tissue release or Varus osteotomy - What factors help in decision making?: Kishore Mulpuri
7 min Equinovalgus deformity - Deciding the surgical dose (age, GMFCS level, deformity severity, etc): Taral Nagda
7 min Unilateral hip subluxation in Type IV hemiplegia - Operate on one or both hips - Pros and cons; When and why?: Abhay Gahukamble
7 min Patella Alta - When to correct, in whom, why and how?: Dhiren Ganjwala
7 min Rectus release or transfer - When, why and how?: Jayanth Sampath
10 min Q & A
Chairperson: Walke Sanjay | Co-Chairperson: Shirish Damodare
7 min Indian made Telescopic nails in managing osteogenesis imperfect: Abhishek S. Bhasme
7 min Relapsed clubfoot: our approach & outcomes: Mohammed Yaqub
7 min The effect of non vascularized fibular harvest on donor limbs: a prospective radiological analysis in 25 donor limbs: Anil Agarwal
7 min Analysis of Transverse plane kinematics in patients with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy- is it a deformity or a compensation?: Venkatesan Sampath Kumar
7 min Impact of Covid pandemic on Children with Cerebral Palsy: Chintan Ajay Doshi
7 min Mini-incision arthrotomy for infantile septic arthritis of hip: Puneeth Katapadi Pai
7 min Rehabilitation, Function and Return to school and sports after Growth Modulation surgery using 8 plate / PET Screw: Jaideep Anandrao Dhamele
7 min Simulated weightbearing 3D CT scan makes a difference in the planning for computer assisted correction of genu valgum using patient specific 3D printed guide: Taral Vishanji Nagda
Conveners: Ashok Johari / Ramani Narasimhan
Panelists: G. S. Kulkarni / Sandeep Patwardhan / Jayanth Sampath / Vrisha Madhuri /Rujuta Metha / Ajit Shinde / P. N. Gupta
11.00 - 11.15 AM VALEDICTORY
Conveners: Vrisha Madhuri / P. N. Gupta
8 min Syndromic child with DDH decision making: Vrisha Madhuri
8 min Medial Approach to DDH: Abhay Khot
8 min Revision DDH surgery: P. N. Gupta
8 min Capsular Interposition: Prasad Gourineni
8 min Arthrodiastesis in stiff hip: Mangal Parihar
8 min Total Hip Arthroplasty in adolescent with open triradiate cartilage: Callum McBryde
12 min Q & A
Moderators: Taral Nagda / Tushar Agarwal
Panelists: Sameer Desai / Mandar Agashe / Amit Nemade / Ranjit Deshmukh / Vidyasagar / Tanvi Shinde

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